An “expungement” under Penal Code §1203.4 allows an individual to withdraw a guilty plea, enter of plea of not guilty, and have the case dismissed. An expungement releases the individual


Military Diversion


The State of California allows certain individuals to avoid jail time, and in some situations obtain a dismissal of all charges, if they receive treatment for related mental health conditions.

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Bench Warrants


When a judge issues a bench warrant, the police are instructed to take you into custody and bring you to court. The police may track you down to arrest you,

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Petty Theft


California Penal Code §484(a) defines the crime of “petty theft” as wrongfully taking or stealing someone else’s property when the value of the property is $950 or less. If the

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Petition for Sex Registry Removal


Effective January 1, 2021, the California Senate modified sex registration requirements under Penal Code §290 by creating a three-tiered system. Tier 1 registrants must register for a minimum of 10

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